Darrall Clifford | Equine Hoofcare


Equine Hoofcare Services are facilitators of professional clinics specializing in Equine structural and functional podiatry, the science of equine orthopaedics and biomechanics in conjunction with their relationship to the muscular-skeletal alignment of the upper body.

Darrall Clifford a director of the company has been a farrier for over 38 years. Now working exclusively as an equine hoof care specialist, educator and professional speaker in Equine Orthopaedic Balance® and complex hoof problems.

Equine Hoofcare Services deal with orthopaedic balance and complex hoof problems on a daily basis and more recently are now in demand, traveling the world lecturing and educating veterinarians, farriers and the general horse community on these often unaddressed however critically important subjects.

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